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x2 Turf Tire/Wheel & Spacer Kit

from 263.50

This tire fits theX2SE or Gen 2 X2. The X2SE and X2 use the same tires.

The turf tire is wider than the standard X2 tire. It also has a less aggressive tread, but it floats better on grass and sand.

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x2 Turf Tire  Wheel & Spacer Kit.jpg

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Product Description

These tires are perfect for the golfer glider! They are rugged enough to take you over rough terrain, but have smooth tread so they wont tear up the golf course grass.

Includes: one x2 Turf Tire one wheel one spacer kit

Items are actually in stock, but available in store only! Please Call Segway Of Oakland/ The Segway Junkyard to order! 510.832.2429 or 888-8Segway.

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