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Segway Lithium Battery

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Original Segway Batteries are some of the most durable and powerful batteries made.! The original Segway PT's had NiMH Batteries for the i167 and the p. We only have a few of the original p batteries left and we have no more of the i167's. The p batteries that we have were manufactured just a couple years ago so they have not been use. They test at 100% capacity.

The i167 can take the regular Segway lithium battery. Segway's newest batteries will power all Segway PT's except the p. So, the i167, i180, i170, and XT can take the current Segway PT battery

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This battery set has been refilled by and is working like new. It is a NimH battery which will work only for the Gen1 Segway and will hold a charge for about 6 hours. Want to exchange your set for this set? Get 100 Rebate for your trade in. Trade in price – $799.99

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