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Segway Junkyard Double Side Trailer Hitch

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Double Sided Trailer Hitch The Double Sided Trailer Hitch is designed for Heavier loads. This hitch can only be used on i Series, it can not be used on any of the x Series (off road) we carry a hitch that is x Series capable for $50 more. We can also make the same hitch for the i2 and the x2 With this simple hitch, you can tow a trailer, rickshaw, or whatever. This one was originally designed for our 1.0 trailer which has about 3 cubic feet of space. Cable of handling up to 100 lbs of tongue weight the trailer hitch can handle loads of up to 300 lbs. Thank you and happy bidding! Use Paypal or Credit Card for fastest delivery. Please leave positive feedback. Outside Continental US requires extra shipping