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Segway Junkyard Custom Off Road Tires With Wheels

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Segway Junkyard Custom Offroad Tires With Wheels. Gen 1 wheels and custom rims fits Gen 1 i series and XT.

Segway Junkyard Custom Offroad Tires With Wheels. Includes 2 rims and 2 wheels. Hand-polished aluminum rims.

A beautiful set of custom offroad wheels and tires. This design ads a completly new capability to your Segway HT i80, i70, or i67. It allows full off road abilities along with a smoother, more plesant ride in general on all terrains. These wheels come with everything you need to mount them on your Segway HT including AC2’s and stainless steel fasteners. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 30 day money back guarantee.

Look it over if your not fully satisfied, send it back. Subject to 10% restocking fee.