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Customized Chrome and Gold Segway i2 by Segway Junkyard

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The most nique machines on the planet are customized Segwat PT’s. These brand new machines are unequaled and the best quality on the market. Unique look with hand polished rims and handlebar, nothing else comes close. This is a beautiful Chrome and Gold anodized Customized Segway i2 in show condition with Lithium Ion Batteries, and Custom Rims. Customized rims and wheels manufactured by the Segway Junkyard. One of the best looking Segways available.

The gold anodized rims give this unit a great look. In show quality condition. Hand polished. Custom parts and assembly by Segway Junkyard.

The Lithium Ion batteries will hold a charge for a range of 24 miles or about 6 hours. They charge with an AC 120/220 standard PC cord. This Segway i2 has less than 10 miles on it, with about 11 months on its warranty. It’s in show condition, hand polished with all original manuals, keys, and everything included.

The Segway comes with 2 info keys, which can tell you information about your Segway and change settings for the Segway. It has a top speed of 12.5 miles an hour. This unit has an excellent battery, great tire tread and beautiful handlebars, side cargo mounts, tires and rims. Features include a custom polished aluminum handle bar shaft, polished aluminum side mounts, and custom blue anodized rims collectively valued at 2,800 dollars. These customized parts are also available separately.

This unit also features comfort mats which help to create less strain on the knees while riding. The traveling case is a custom reusable lockable traveling case with wheels and handles built in, an added value of 500 dollars. Call for more information on these custom parts at 888-8SEGWAY.

The Segway i2 has no brakes, no accelerator and no steering wheel but it can stop on a dime, and move with ease on many surfaces. This is the 2nd generation i2 Segway with the latest lean steer technology, which allows you to steer by tilting the handlebars left and right, which in turn. Tilt to the left and you go left,. Tilt right and you go right. Leaning forwards and backwards accelerates you and helps you stop. Everything is controlled by your body movement. You lean forward, it goes forward. You lean back and it goes backwards. With lean steer technology you feel like you’re skiing (except there’s no lift line or chairlift). It is a ton of fun.

This unit has been looked over with a fine toothcomb by Segway trained technicians. We are a member of the Bay Area Segway Family, Segway of Oakland, Segway Junkyard and We are one of the oldest and largest Segway dealers. Segway of Oakland is an Authorized Segway dealer, so you can purchase with confidence. New, Used and Custom parts available.

The customized rims and wheels are aluminum CNC and the customized parts are all handmade. Aluminum gives unique strength and upper light weight which meets or exceeds the manufactures original stock equipment in terms of both form and function. One of the most unique machines on the planet. The Segway gives you an endless ride that’s tons of fun!!! Call us today @ 888-8SEGWAY! We have almost every Segway model ever made, in stock.

60 day money back guarantee along with the manufacturers warranty so you can be confident with your purchase.

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