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Custom Black Chrome P133 Rims and Wheels

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Custom Black Chrome P133 Rims and Wheels.jpg

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These CUSTOM black chrome rims with tires from the Segway Junkyard and Polo club will add flare and beauty to your Segway! They offer the same excellent traction as the stock Segway tire, attaches to a P-133 gearbox and the wheel hub is machined into the rim. They have the correct offset so no spacers are required. The hub cap can be custom stamped with your logo or a company logo that you work for.

We have many different colors, this is for a set of Black Chrome Rims for a P-133 Series, but we have other ads up so you can check out the different chroming, anodizing colors, and polishing. This auction includes the tires and rims ONLY.

They are fully custom and made to order and delivery time will be within 2 weeks of payment.